Microsystems Laboratory

Welcome to the Microsystems Laboratory at the University of Utah

Micro and nanosystems devices and technologies are enjoying great success and are on the brink of becoming the driving force behind the coming decades inventions and product innovations. MEMS/NEMS technology is today’s only true cross-sectional technology which helps create key compontents for applications ranging from automotive, aerospace, biomedical, industrial to white appliances. Microsensors, being one of the largest group of microsystems, are at the heart of MEMS development and have progressed from initial ideas and technologies to a vibrant economy with more than 14% annual growth and a total market in excess of $60 billion.

The Microsystems Laboratory, which is part of the Utah Nanofab, is leading the way towards next generation microsensors, micro-actuators, materials and fabrication technologies. We act as a service provider for on and off-campus industrial institutional research and development partners. Our core focus lies on harsh environment MEMS (i.e. operation of MEMS at high temperatures and in aggressive gas and fluid media), which constitute 90% of future MEMS applications (e.g. in the automotive and biomedical sector).

Our research and development activities include e.g. high temperature pressure sensors, micro gas sensors and biomedical devices such as neural interfaces for prosthetics. Our technological capabilities also include high density MEMS packaging like e.g. wafer level packages and flip-chip bonding in co-operation with partners.

We are determined towards innovation and industrial applicability and are looking forward to addressing your specific Microsystems requirements.